Take a Look Around


Masta Acen debyyttialbumin julkaisusta on kulunut jo 30 vuotta. Cold Chillin’in kautta julkaistu Take a Look Around sisältää mm. Me and the Biz -kappaleen jossa Masta Ace imitoi Biz Markieta. Me and the Biz saattaa olla nuoremmille tuttu GTA: San Andreas -videopelistä.

Masta Ace kommentoi levyntekoa meille näin:

“Much of the inspiration for my first album came from my mother’s incredible record collection. Many of the samples we used including the title track which was from her Gil Scott Heron album and even the cover, inspired by this Curtis Mayfied artwork. I was 21 years old and trying to figure out how to make good music.”

Kyselimme myös Masta Acen fiiliksiä merkkipäivän johdosta johon hän vastasi näin:

“Its hard to believe its been 3 decades already since this dropped. Im just happy some people consider it a solid piece of work because this was basically me learning as I went along.”

Checkaa levyltä julkaistu Music Man -musiikkivideo: