Don Johnson Big Bandin tulevan albumin esikoissinkku “Girl/Boy Ft. Eva + Manu” julkaistiin keväällä, nyt kappale on saanut visuaalisen ilmeen, jonka toteutuksesta vastaa “Doniirawan“-niminen videotaiteilija suoraan indonesiasta.


Tsekkaa Keski-Jaavalla kuvattu video alta! 

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We were about to shoot the music video for our new single Girl/Boy feat. Eva + Manu in March, when coronavirus quickly shut everything down. Very disappointing, but for safety reasons the production had to be cancelled. Especially since we had cast two dogs to play the leading roles, and it would have been really hard to make them wear face masks. (Seems hard enough for humans.) So instead, we found and hired a talented Indonesian dude called doniirawan to direct us a video. And thanks to some mind-boggling new technology, @fathermetro was able to "travel" to the location as well. We used this thing called "green screen", pretty amazing. As you can see from the second pic, it's almost impossible to tell Tommy’s not really in Central Java, but in an office building in Helsinki! Link to the video is in our bio. Check it out, we think it's really cute.

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